Features of Curriculum

In order to provide pupils an enjoyable language-rich learning environment,three native English speaking teachers provided students with ample exposure to authentic English in and outside the classroom.The P.1&P.2 PLPR-R/W lessons and P.5 to P.6 English oral training will help pupils cultivate their English speaking skills and gain confidence in using English as a communicative tool.

P.3 to P.6 Writing Journal booklet will help pupils assess their writing performance.

School Events

  1. English Fun Day(P.1-P.6)
  2. SCOLAR E-writing (P.5)


Extra-curricular activities

  1. English Ambassador (P.3-P.6)
  2. Cambridge English (P.1)


SCOLAR E-Writing

In order to develop our students’ writing competence, our school participated in an e-writing workshop co-organized by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). During the workshops, the P.5 participants showed keen interest in playing e-learning games about the ideas on the advantages and disadvantages of using robots in our daily lives. At the end, they could have the opportunities to publish their writing with book creator. All the participants could learn from their peer through reading others’ work on the digital platform as well. Teachers also benefited from attending the writing workshops organized by CUHK.

English Ambassadors:

Two English Ambassador teams have been set up. Team A mainly deals with being the host touring guests around and broadcasting the radio show on Thursday morning. Team B mainly deals with storytelling and writing tasks.

English Ambassadors help to create an English-rich environment on campus. Our stars received the training on presentation and communication skills. The training provides English Ambassadors lots of opportunities to demonstrate what they have learnt, to develop their leadership and to meet people. For instance, our English Ambassadors took part in the Christmas event.

NET teacher

Our NETs took part in the preparation of the Christmas event. They trained students to perform singing Christmas songs on stage. Apart from this, Mr Chris also dressed up as Santa to give presents to the students.